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The Adzom Jurmey Foundation is a Buddhist foundation that was established in 2015 with aims to spread Buddhism teachings and scriptures in the United States. This foundation is established by Adzom Jurmey, who is a prominent pastor in Nepal. He built a monastery with the idea of "modern Buddhism" teachings that infused the religious aspect with teaching other subjects as well including English, mathematics, and science. Since its inception, the monastery has over 200 young Buddhists and continues to grow. 


Adzom Jurmey travels the world to help people. Apart from presiding over the monasteries and medication center in Bhutan, he also set up meditation centers in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US. His current projects include setting up senior centers and hypropower plants in Nepal as well as establishing another temple in Bhutan.

With this foundation in the United States, Jurmey pastor hopes to reach out to the Western region of the world with his modern Buddhism teachings and spread Buddhism awareness here. 

our pastors
Jurmey Jamtso
  • Promote and learn about Buddhist faith and Buddhism religion

  • Raise public awareness of Buddhism through courses, seminars, meditation activities, and/or anything of related sort 

  • Guide through practice of Buddhism in order to enlighten and purify the mind 

  • Provide residential care homes, community support, and cultural services for the underprivilaged 

  • Translate important Buddhist scriptures and other classics

  • Edit, publish, print, and distribute books, newspapers, periodicals, CDs containing Buddhism scripture to promote Buddhist culture

  • Organize recreational activities to allow friendly exchanges between the Buddhist community

  • Uphold the spirit of compassion in order to implement social welfare charity to actively promote spiritual reforms to improve the social climate and development 

  • Donate to educational services and institutions for underprivileged social, medical, elderly, and youth services 

  • Execute and complete the foundation’s legal works and plans 

  • Contribute and able to accept donations to and from the members of the community 

About us

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