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How you can donate

and help OUR foundation

With our lives so busy, we often forget that there are many less fortunates in the world. One of the goals of the Adzom Jurmey Foundation is to continue to assist those who are born in a less fortunate environment and wants to start anew in a modern Buddhism teaching setting. Any contribution will be going towards adding more features in the monastery, establishing more senior care centers, and building more hydropower plants in Nepal. With more funding, we are able to spread the help faster and allow a bigger community of Buddhists grow closer together.

ways you can donate:



You can always come to our Union City location to visit the foundation and give an in person donation.

Click on the link above to donate to


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Feel free to mail a check to the name of Adzom Jurmey Foundation to our Union City address. 


If you are in our group on WeChat, feel free to send money to Jurmey on WeChat.

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